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Our team stays knowledgeable about industry changes, innovations, regulatory requirements, and best practices. Our highly skilled team has diverse talents and abilities in multiple areas and keeps an awareness of current trends and regulatory requirements in the industry by attending and contributing to numerous industry-based associations.  

Industry Committees

Thought Leadership in Compliance  

ASTAR’s consulting team is committed to the overall safety of the industry’s workforce as well as the public and environment.

Industry Recognized Experts

A frequent guest speaker since 2011 for several State Associations and Industry meetings. Provides updates and knowledge presentations for PHMSA mandated D&A, OQ and Operations and Maintenance.

The American Gas Association serves as the secretariat to the Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) Z380, Gas Piping Technology Committee. The GPTC develops and publishes ANSI Z380.1, Guide for Gas Transmission, Distribution and Gathering Piping Systems.


The GPAC and LPAC review PHMSA's proposed regulatory initiatives to assure the technical feasibility, reasonableness, cost-effectiveness and practicability of each proposal. The committees also evaluate the cost-benefit analysis and risk assessment information of the proposals.

ASME has been defining piping safety since 1922. ASME B31Q establishes the requirements for developing and implementing an effective Pipeline Personnel Qualification Program. It specifies the requirements for identifying covered tasks that impact the safety or integrity of pipelines, for qualifying individuals to perform those tasks, and for managing the qualifications of pipeline personnel.

The Northeast Gas Association (NGA) is a regional trade association that focuses on education and training, technology research and development, operations, planning, and increasing public awareness of natural gas in the Northeast U.S.

NGA Committee member
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